About the company

For us, every project is an opportunity to catch up with business all over the world!

The Insider Group company specializes in implementing CRM systems in the sales department, automating monotonous and routine tasks, connecting additional tools, and training staff to use these tools to their full potential.
We set up and adjusted all this first of all in our business.

Our team is pretty good at setting up corporate portals for medium-sized companies (up to 150 people).
You'll agree that having a strong development team doesn't always allow you to solve the clients' top tasks (although the check will grow).
The client's problem may be deeper than the prescribed and detailed Technical Task for developers.

It is important for the client that the executors understand the reasons for which there was a request to integrate CRM, connect tools, and optimize business processes.
And this is possible only when you have experience in solving these issues, at least in your business.
THEREFORE, our team includes professionals who are engaged in sales, management of sales department employees, have experience in creating companies (their own businesses) from scratch, opening branches.

First, we communicate with the client and understand the essence of his request to help draw up the correct Technical Task.

A positive financial result and a satisfied client are the criteria for evaluating our successful work.